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Ladies, it’s time to get real about the fitness game. Studies have proven time and time again that strength training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) are the ultimate powerhouses that can help you achieve your goals at any age.

We don’t believe in fads; we believe in results. Our classes are designed to help you achieve your goals with the tried-and-true principles of strength training and HIIT. So, if you’re ready to get real, get fit, and feel confident in your own skin, join a Leo Tribe class today and let’s make it happen

Let's Talk Benefits

How about better body composition, higher calorie burn post-workout, increased bone density, enhanced mood and focus, boosted self-esteem, better brain health, and increased longevity?

That’s right, all these benefits can be yours with a little help from Leo Tribes’ classes.



8:30-9:30 AM

Leo Lift 1

Lower Body Focus


8:15-9:15 AM




9:00-10:00 AM

Group Training

Small Group PT (6 max.)


8:30-9:30 AM

Leo Lift 2

Upper Body Focus


8:30-9:15 AM



Class Location: Sports City, Dubai

About Our Classes

Leo Lift

Leo Lift is a twice-weekly group strength training class, focusing on upper and lower body on alternate sessions. The exercises remain consistent over each half-term, allowing your body to adapt and grow stronger. Emphasis is placed on proper technique, with gradual increases in weight over time.

Leo Conditioning

Conditioning class is designed based on metabolic conditioning principles, which involves completing a set of exercises in minimal time with minimal rest in between. This challenging workout aims to improve your cardiovascular fitness by utilizing exercises commonly used by top athletes, helping you enhance your speed, power, and agility. You will develop skills that are transferable to various sports such as netball, tennis, and running.

Leo PT

Join our small group (6 ladies max) personal training sessions, where you will learn how to use standard gym equipment with confidence. You’ll learn to set up your space and venture beyond the cardio machines to the free weights section. Our sessions are designed around different training principles, helping you to build your knowledge and skills. Towards the end of the term, you will work on individually designed programs tailored to your specific goals.

Leo Tabata

Join our fast-paced, high-energy Tabata class, which serves as an exhilarating finish to your week. Based on Professor Izumi Tabata’s principles, this workout involves working at maximum intensity for 20 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest, for varying periods ranging from 4-20 minutes. Each class is designed to be a surprise, incorporating a mix of bodyweight and equipment-based exercises, you’ll be in and out within 45 mins and will leave feeling energized and ready to take on the weekend.

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