Leo Strength offers a three-times-a-week group strength training class, focusing on different muscle groups like lower body, upper body, and specific areas of the glutes and arms on separate days. The exercises remain consistent throughout each half-term, enabling your body to adapt and grow stronger. Emphasis is placed on mastering proper technique, with gradual increases in weight over time.

Leo HIIT Our HIIT classes offer two distinct styles to cater to all fitness levels. Leo HIIT 1 provides a 20-minute low-impact workout, featuring 10 minutes of core exercises and 10 minutes of mobility/flexibility work. Ideal for mid-week cardio, this session not only helps in enhancing cardiovascular health but also aids in relieving muscle tension and addressing areas of stiffness or injury. Consistency is key as we repeat the same exercises weekly, allowing you to track your progress over time. Suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals, we incorporate a blend of bodyweight and resistance exercises, ensuring customization to individual needs. On the other hand, our LEO HIIT 2 class is a high-octane experience following the TABATA 20:10 principle. With each session offering a unique challenge, expect intense workouts that push your limits to the max!

We pride ourselves on being able to coach all abilities within the same space with modifications (if needed). However, it is preferable that you start with a base level of fitness and have no injuries or ailments that could hinder your session. Please consult a doctor if you have any doubts.

If you are in good general health and still unsure, please get in touch and we will better guide you.

We are pre and post-natal qualified and our ‘strength classes’ are suitable for both pregnant and post-pregnancy depending on your personal circumstances. Please get in touch with us so we can better advise you.

Definitely! Leo Tribe is a ‘women only’ training community designed to give you a safe and healthy space to work out in. We are accepting of everyone, non-judgmental and all members are encouraged to welcome new ladies. We pride ourselves on building your confidence as well as your body!

All classes start with a warm-up and then the main workout and end with a cool down. The whole class is explained at the beginning of the class, and I will be coaching you throughout

Size is not an indication of fitness and Leo Tribe has welcomed ladies of all sizes from all over the world. As long as you can do the basic movements you will be fine.

Absolutely, strength training and high-intensity interval training is highly recommended for women going through this stage of their life. We are here to help you navigate these challenging times in both mind and body and help you feel better about yourself.

Without knowing what else you might be doing throughout the week, i.e., a sport or another fitness session, it is difficult to correctly recommend which class/classes to do. We do however have a protocol which might help you:

Level 1: Beginnersshould start with our 'strength' classes. The foundations of building muscle and strengthening your body.

After 6 months of consistent training, you can add on the 'HIIT' class

Level 2: After solid and consistent training 3 times a week, you can now add on the 'HIIT' & 'Tabata' classes.

Level 3: You're in for the full pack, Join us online!

All our group classes are AED 80 per class which must be paid in bi-termly blocks to secure your place.

A 'drop in' class is AED 100.

With your termly commitment, you'll receive an exclusive 'Leo Tribe' membership, complete with a special card that entitles you to discounts at select retailers and services. Additionally, enjoy access to members-only events and monthly activities, such as workshops, activity days, and charity events, all at members' rates. And for those seeking adventure, seize the opportunity to embark on discounted domestic and international escapes.

Only the practical stuff, we have a large 'free' car park next to us and the reception is stocked with water (if you forget yours). We recommend you bring a large water bottle (which can be refilled) and a towel. Please wear standard 'gym attire' with trainers designed for cross-training. It is advisable to NOT wear 'running' trainers for the 'Lift' classes; old school plimsolls, converse or even bare feet are good for these sessions.

If you're new to Leo Tribe and would like to discuss your needs further or take advantage of our free class offer, contact Emma via email at hello@leotribefitness.com or on WhatsApp at 0554619721. Ready to secure your spot in our classes? Simply visit our FITNESS PAGE and click on the 'BOOK A CLASS NOW' button or 'HOW DO I SIGN UP' link. You'll be directed straight to our class booking page, where you can create a member profile and book your spot online before they fill up!

Every Leo tribe escape is carefully curated to provide you with the best fitness and wellness experience, led by female instructors with over 20 years involvement in the Health & Fitness Industry. Beautiful and sometimes unique locations are chosen to host you in stylish accommodation, with healthy and delicious meals, indulgent spa treatments, hikes in nature, cultural excursions, and exciting activities & workshops alongside plenty of “time for you”. We put our heart and soul into delivering you the best escape possible with the hope of providing you with a 'Tribe' for life.

Through our fitness and lifestyle community, we have seen how powerful a group of women with shared interests and passions working together can really be. We encourage acceptance and support for every woman who joins us, and we aim to motivate and empower you to realise your true potential.

We can, however, curate private escapes for mixed sexes, friends or corporate groups, so please get in touch for these.

Yes, the beauty of our escapes is we attract lots of solo travellers because we encourage inclusion and being part of a group. You will not feel alone during your time with us.

All our escapes offer slightly different types of accommodation. Most of the time, rooms are based on single or double occupancy, but if you’re travelling in odd numbers then get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do. Otherwise, if you are travelling in pairs, then just let us know when booking and we'll most definitely assign you to the same room.

Leo Tribe Escapes attracts women of all ages from 20s through to 60s, with most of our guests being in their 30s, 40s and 50s. We strongly believe, however, that someone in their 20s can add value to someone in their 60s and vice versa and so encourage all ages.

We like to keep our escapes exclusive and so they typically range from between 10-14 guests, but no more than 20.

Absolutely not, although we do require you to be in good physical health and able to walk a good distance without difficulty. We can give you an easy 'fitness' plan to follow before your time with us if you require and this will help you feel more confident before you arrive.

Not at all. The Yoga and fitness components of our escapes vary from location to location, but all sessions are tailored to suit each unique group & are completely optional. Our instructors are very knowledgeable, and we have women of all abilities, shapes & sizes joining us. All sessions are appropriate for everybody and just like our 'fitness Community' we nurture a safe and supportive environment for everyone to be healthy in without any judgement. We will encourage you to join in but ultimately this is your holiday, and you are welcome to use your time as you wish. Each escape will have a General Itinerary which will show you what 'sessions' are scheduled throughout the week.

Again, this is your holiday and your time. We are all unique and that is something to celebrate. You are free to participate in as many or as few activities as you wish. Should you want to have a lie-in, or a relaxed afternoon with a book or just some quiet time to yourself then feel free. Whatever makes you feel good should be nurtured.

You will be served a range of wholesome and healthy dishes throughout your stay that have been designed with our chefs. Each location the food is different and mostly takes on a style accustomed to that location. Food will be locally sourced & fresh. Our escapes are not focused on “weight loss” or “restriction”, so there is no calorie counting, but all meals will be nutritionally balanced to meet the activities of the week and are tailored with 'health' in mind.

Yes, we do. Just let us know when you book and we'll be sure to sort it for you.

Alcohol isn't provided on our escapes and is only included where there is Wine Tasting. You are welcome to purchase alcohol from the accommodation (if it's a hotel) or locally (villa) and consume on the escape. For the more “Health” orientated escapes, however, we do encourage you to refrain from alcohol throughout the week to get the best experience.

There's good Wi-Fi in most locations, and it’s free in all our provided accommodation. If there is any problem with the Wi-Fi we will make you aware of this. Please note that Wi-Fi can be unpredictable when travelling to locations away from the accommodation and different carriers charge different fees. If you need help purchasing SIM cards for a specific location, we can help you with this.

Every escape is different, and you will be sent a packing list once you've booked.

Absolutely. You will notice that most escapes have a dedicated 'spa' day, and if you wish to book additional treatments, depending on the number of guests, you may have to book on a different day during the week.

If you'd like to book additional treatments, then please e-mail us and we will send you the Spa Menu and available times.

Great. You can reserve your place on one of our escapes by paying your deposit here.

Once you've paid your deposit, we'll be in touch to confirm your escape and room type and the next steps to take.

No problem. Please head to our enquiries page and fill out the form and submit. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at hello@leotribefitness.com.